i have to ask you guys a favor…

February 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

to follow me someplace. and i hope you will. it’s just that, i started to really fall in love with this work, this hobby, whatever you call it. and started to want my pictures a little bigger and maybe make the blog a bit more “one stop shop” for ease. see the new blog shows my pictures a bit bigger, and you all know the saying with photos, bigger is better. the new blog also allows you to navigate easily between my site, facebook, twitter (yes, i’m tweeting, but bear with me, i’m neither interesting nor internet savvy) and flickr. and there’s a new button, subscribe! meaning you can be alerted every time i post a photo of my kids or nieces or nephews for the billionth time.

so, please, if you will. all together now, click this link:  i am the link to the new blog, click me!! and i promise if you do there is LOTS of sweet newborn goodness at the other end.

thanks for coming back here all this time and i hope you’ll keep tagging along.

see ya!


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