things are happening…i think.

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

i am doing things. important things. i think. i’m trying to bust out of the gates in february and be organized and branded and serious about marketing myself. because things are in a lull right now, and so i’m not on as many shoots. and guess what? it kinda sucks. obviously, well at least to me, the best part of my job is the sessions. but i set this month aside to tend to things that should be tended to now, instead of later. so i’m doing those things, which are kind of fun in their own way. my reward is a bundle of very exciting things on the horizon. yay!

but for now, just a bit of every day life. these two boys. these two boys are cousins and have lately grown so close. Jack too. although i’m pretty sure he was off baking pretend muffins or drilling a hole into the wall somewhere. anyway, it’s not the perfect shot, and there are limbs missing galore. but these two boys adore each other and it’s pretty awesome to see it. plus, they actually wanted me to take a picture, so i had to act fast.


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