two before two

January 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

can’t say today started off on the greatest of feet. husband was puking last night and i was basically awake the whole night thinking about a) how soon someone else was going to get sick b) what if we both started puking at the same time!? c) am i gonna puke? am i gonna puke? am i gonna puke? d) i wonder if he’ll puke all day tomorrow etc. etc. i’m sure you can see where this is going. needless to say, today was a sick day of epic proportions with full on TV coma’s and goldfish for lunch. i mean, when you’re quick morning grocery supply run looks like this:

you’re in for a crappy day.

but when i was loading things into the car, readying myself to heave Leo out of the cart, i realized today he is two days away from two. on January 9th, this Sunday, he’ll be two. i will have a five year old and a two year old. there is something that feels so twilight zone about that. so anyway, i kept my camera close and decided i wanted to remember what i was enjoying about him when he was turning two.

i love that he still has that baby porcelain skin, with bright blue eyes. i love that he’s starting to really fill the brother role, adores Jack and everything he does, and when Jack is in school, wear’s anything of Jack’s he can. especially the batman hat.

i love that he sits and has tea with me. that cup was full, with lemon tea. we chit chatted and he sipped and we nibbled our toast. it was very civilized. i loved the way he’d look at me over his cup, the blue of his eye so stark against the white mug.

i do love that he sucks his thumb, even though i know it’s going to be the nightmare of all habits to break. and these are all the tiny things i appreciated, on a shitty day like today, that make me love these boys and love that i’m their mom. even though i mentioned to about 100 people how guilty i felt about number of tv hours watched because holy shit how can it be normal for Leo to be that unresponsive during Caillou? i’m convinced Caillou’s voice is to kids what shrill dog whistles are to dogs.

funny side note about today, that i also loved about offspring #1 goes like this. every day before Chris leaves for work, before any of the rest of us are up, he makes Jack’s lunch. and every time he puts in a note for Jack to read. well, today Jack told Daddy that he wanted to write the note, and it this is how it went:

well little boy, mama’s here to tell you that dreams really do come true.




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