out of the fog, into the light

January 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

i woke up sunday morning, and it apparently was feeling exactly as i have been these past few, foggy weeks.

it was warm. the heat was floating above the ice on the Mystic. it drew me outside. i inhaled a bowl of cereal, threw on my rain boots and winter parka, grabbed my camera, and headed outside. across the street to walk the river. for some reason, on this particular day, i was reveling in the fog. in the quiet little blanket it was wrapping the world in. i didn’t mind that it wasn’t sunny, or that it was damp, or that i wasn’t in flip flops. and apparently, i wasn’t alone…

i think the thing i dislike most about where we live is that it’s so damn busy. and not in a good way. we live on a very very major road, filled with lots of cars and lots of honking. i despise it. and because it was sunday, because it was foggy, it felt like we were secluded. you couldn’t see beyond the veins of the trees meeting with the mist.

it was nice while it lasted. but it got me to thinking. about the new year and resolutions and manifestations (and abandoned reverb projects) and how exactly i’m going to rock 2011 out. what i came up with was: take more chances, have more confidence, use flickr more (hey, they can’t all be deep!), take on a photo project and be the best mother, daughter, wife, aunt, friend, sister, photographer i can be. out of the fog and into the light…

happy new year!



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