i appreciate you

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

December 14 – Appreciate What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein) #reverb10


so, one of the previous posts was about community. and i ultimately said that i didn’t really feel i belonged to one and that i’m still just kind of gathering. gathering the people up who i love and want to be around . gathering people who inspire me. near and far.

and then i get to this prompt. what’s the first thing i think about? all the people i would thank. all the people i’ve grown to appreciate and the relationships that i feel have strengthened in the past year. the friends i’ve bugged approximately one million times about web crap. how do i do this and how do i do that and what the fuck is a widget!? the friends i’ve bugged approximately two million times about photoshop and random digital film knowledge (cough cough Ryan Daley omgthanks). what does this setting do and how do i get it to do this and oh crap, i should probably take the lens cap off…and then there is the rest of the crowd, friends and family alike, who have listened to me endlessly doubt myself day in and day out and whine about how hard it is to start a business and having epiphany after epiphany about how i’m going to do this that or the other thing.

these people are also mostly the same people who have let me in a little this year. friends who have hired me for sessions, and put their trust in my abilities and my work and my passion. my huge family who lets me follow them all around endlessly with cameras, and adjust slightly left or right or just a step or two closer to that window, without blinking an eye. who lets me put these moments up, to share with other people. for all of this, i am more appreciative than they probably know.

i appreciate the photo-bloggers that i’ve found, that i bug (probably too much) about how much i love their stuff. and they’re all the same kind of photographer in a way. they all see these magnificent little moments that burst into importance. it’s comforting to know i can do it. i can keep just taking pictures of quirky moments, interesting things, the people and stories that i see and succeed. i appreciate the photographers i’ve found who just want to share their art and their love for it and don’t make you feel like you’re an underling. one of my favorite photo-bloggers, Donna Boucher over at Quiet Life says at the end of her posts “encourage one another” and i always hear a tiny me saying “yes! yes that’s how it should be!”

i appreciate my husband who never gets annoyed when i have to lock myself in the “office” aka a freezing corner of our bedroom, to work. who wrangles the kids and makes dinner…well at least he makes a box of macaroni.

i appreciate every vein of this community, near and far. i might have run scared without some of them, i might have had no babies to practice on without others! i’ve enjoyed sharing it all, with you, my dear people. and i appreciate the opportunity i’ve been given to do so.


…ok. and i appreciate these two. who offer me endless inspiration, love, support, and the most beautiful moments life has to offer.


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