internet: the good and the bad

November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

i love the internet. it amazes me that i was about 11 or 12 when the internet really took off. i can still remember the giant cow print gateway box that was delivered to our apartment. i remember setting up the computer and running my fingers over the fresh keys, i always loved the tap tap tapping sound they made.  i remember AOL, chat rooms and the instant messaging revolution. i was hooked. as an only child living with a single parent, having easy access to human connection revolutionized my life. and now, a little more than 10 years later, i have the internet to thank for many things. for friendships and middle of the night sick kid advice. and since jumping into photography with both feet, i thank it for the endless learning opportunities it provides. but be careful. you can always have too much of a good thing.

sometimes i look up and realize i’m in a rut. i’ve spent too many nap times and editing breaks and post bedtime wind-downs looking at photo blogs. and then i get all caught up in what they’re doing and the kind of photos they take and make. i find myself forgetting what i love most about photography. that ten photographers can take a picture of one thing or scene or person and each picture will look different. i love that there are endless ways to see something, angles, colors, lighting. but the internet is full and thick and sometimes it feels like i ate too much and have a stomach ache. so i regroup. i take a few days. bring my camera with me everywhere, and i get back in touch with MY view. the photos, images, feelings, emotions, angles, lighting, that I love to capture.


we take a walk every morning after we drop your big brother off at kindergarten. you are my sweet little walking pal…

this is what you looked like when you were 23 months old in your Auntie Emma’s cowboy boots,

and i love how big you make your mouth when you have to take a bite.

this is what your bed was like when you were 5. in kindergarten and in love with planets. your favorite thing to do is read stories with Daddy. you’re very difficult to photograph.

i love these locks. i can’t bear to part with them. your little neck is my favorite kissing spot.

you snuggled with me one cold morning. daddy ran the camera inside from the car (oops!) with a very foggy lens.


the fire place at my in-law’s. one of my favorite places to be. in my dreams, my perfect little house has a perfect little fireplace.


and these are the images that mean the most. the random foggy lens, the standard baby wears grown up shoes, the way his curls bunched in my hands before i ever cut them. if you’re just starting out, find your eye and love your view. don’t get caught up in comparing or whether or not someone else will like it. create the memories and the images that make you feel something. do that, and everyone who sees them will feel it too.



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