dreary new england loosens its grip for a day

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

wow. was that some rain or was that some rain?? in addition to the other job titles i hold (mother, doula, photographer, and so on) i also have recently added nanny back onto that list. Leo, my little guy, could not love Aiyanna more if he tried, and in our “we’re young and broke” phase, it’s hard to turn down extra income. so, two days a week, we hang out with this beautiful little lady.

she is just on the verge of crawling and was very pleased that i let her rock on all fours atop a very dangerous stone bench.




ISO: 100 F/2.8 (for both photos) sometimes i find i don’t really play with the aperture enough. but in a situation like this, it creates such lovely bokeh.


and this is Leo’s new trick. “say cheese”




an overcast day is your best friend if you’re a photographer. no glaring sun, but enough light that if you get it right, their eyes sparkle without that creepy over-processed look.

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