Mary, Mary, who is not quite contrary

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

unless you count the days, or was it weeks (?) of waiting “post date”. but it was well worth it, and i’m sure her mother (my lovely sister in law) would agree. dad was standing in the shade, with the sun reflecting in her eyes, and so i had to do that thing where you catch the light.

i’ll use this opportunity to fill you in on what i’m trying to do here. as i’m a mostly self taught photographer, i’ve spent more time than i’d care to admit stalking other photobloggers. and i’ve learned a ton. i started out in photography developing my own film, and so the transition to digital has been a bit bumpy. in this post you’ll also notice that i’m learning how to storyboard, which is something that has been torturing me for months. ah, sigh of relief.

when possible, i’ll add the stats of a photo. like this one:

ISO: 100 F/2.8

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