i have to ask you guys a favor…

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to follow me someplace. and i hope you will. it’s just that, i started to really fall in love with this work, this hobby, whatever you call it. and started to want my pictures a little bigger and maybe make the blog a bit more “one stop shop” for ease. see the new blog shows my pictures a bit bigger, and you all know the saying with photos, bigger is better. the new blog also allows you to navigate easily between my site, facebook, twitter (yes, i’m tweeting, but bear with me, i’m neither interesting nor internet savvy) and flickr. and there’s a new button, subscribe! meaning you can be alerted every time i post a photo of my kids or nieces or nephews for the billionth time.

so, please, if you will. all together now, click this link:  i am the link to the new blog, click me!! and i promise if you do there is LOTS of sweet newborn goodness at the other end.

thanks for coming back here all this time and i hope you’ll keep tagging along.

see ya!


things are happening…i think.

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i am doing things. important things. i think. i’m trying to bust out of the gates in february and be organized and branded and serious about marketing myself. because things are in a lull right now, and so i’m not on as many shoots. and guess what? it kinda sucks. obviously, well at least to me, the best part of my job is the sessions. but i set this month aside to tend to things that should be tended to now, instead of later. so i’m doing those things, which are kind of fun in their own way. my reward is a bundle of very exciting things on the horizon. yay!

but for now, just a bit of every day life. these two boys. these two boys are cousins and have lately grown so close. Jack too. although i’m pretty sure he was off baking pretend muffins or drilling a hole into the wall somewhere. anyway, it’s not the perfect shot, and there are limbs missing galore. but these two boys adore each other and it’s pretty awesome to see it. plus, they actually wanted me to take a picture, so i had to act fast.


a new goody and the best baby model ever

January 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

about a month ago, one of my favorite photographers, Melissa Surprise of Surprise Photography, was running a give away. it was for fans and photographers alike. i had my eye on a few things to add to my session prop bag and one of them was a give away from Gnorasaurus. they’re this pretty awesome company that makes totally rad things for babies and adults, like t-shirts, onesies and bags. when i won (woohoo!) i knew i was getting a hat, but had no clue what it would look like. i was so excited to see this burst of color practically jump out at me from the mailing envelope. i love the funky twist on “hat with flower” using fabric with such a vibrant pattern, and a darling green button in the middle. miss Mary was more than happy to model for me. thanks again Melissa and Gnorasaurus!!


i’m tired, there was puke, my kid turned 2, and a lot of snow fell.

January 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

wow. so since the last post, where someone in my family was puking, the littlest one turned 2 and the biggest one got sick. and we got our asses kicked by a snow storm. due to the pathetic condition of my body, i am already sore from shoveling for an hour and a half this afternoon.

again, your day is not looking so hot when it starts like this:

Leo was never far from Jack. one of those totally sickeningly sweet times in parenthood where you gush over the realization that your kids actually love each other. (of course i didn’t actually let them sit next to each other because, well, do you want more puke in your house??)

but it all quickly turned to this:

happy brothers, enjoying lunch and Chuck E Cheese cups, together. just in time for mom and dad to go outside and deal with this…

remember the foggy trees?


i had this whole big birthday photo bonanza post planned, but to be honest, i barely had it in me to post this. but i have to remind myself that i love this part too. the sharing and the story telling. the bit of words behind the photos. even when i’m tired. birthday post…i’ll get to you.


two before two

January 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

can’t say today started off on the greatest of feet. husband was puking last night and i was basically awake the whole night thinking about a) how soon someone else was going to get sick b) what if we both started puking at the same time!? c) am i gonna puke? am i gonna puke? am i gonna puke? d) i wonder if he’ll puke all day tomorrow etc. etc. i’m sure you can see where this is going. needless to say, today was a sick day of epic proportions with full on TV coma’s and goldfish for lunch. i mean, when you’re quick morning grocery supply run looks like this:

you’re in for a crappy day.

but when i was loading things into the car, readying myself to heave Leo out of the cart, i realized today he is two days away from two. on January 9th, this Sunday, he’ll be two. i will have a five year old and a two year old. there is something that feels so twilight zone about that. so anyway, i kept my camera close and decided i wanted to remember what i was enjoying about him when he was turning two.

i love that he still has that baby porcelain skin, with bright blue eyes. i love that he’s starting to really fill the brother role, adores Jack and everything he does, and when Jack is in school, wear’s anything of Jack’s he can. especially the batman hat.

i love that he sits and has tea with me. that cup was full, with lemon tea. we chit chatted and he sipped and we nibbled our toast. it was very civilized. i loved the way he’d look at me over his cup, the blue of his eye so stark against the white mug.

i do love that he sucks his thumb, even though i know it’s going to be the nightmare of all habits to break. and these are all the tiny things i appreciated, on a shitty day like today, that make me love these boys and love that i’m their mom. even though i mentioned to about 100 people how guilty i felt about number of tv hours watched because holy shit how can it be normal for Leo to be that unresponsive during Caillou? i’m convinced Caillou’s voice is to kids what shrill dog whistles are to dogs.

funny side note about today, that i also loved about offspring #1 goes like this. every day before Chris leaves for work, before any of the rest of us are up, he makes Jack’s lunch. and every time he puts in a note for Jack to read. well, today Jack told Daddy that he wanted to write the note, and it this is how it went:

well little boy, mama’s here to tell you that dreams really do come true.



baby Mary’s baptism | stoneham family photographer

January 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

sometimes work and family mix in the best way possible. i was so happy to be able to do this for my sister and brother in law, to bottle up these moments that mean so much to them. it was my first time photographing a baptism, in church light, shooting manual. definitely was nervous, but there’s no turning back! i’ve gotta say, i’m pretty happy with the results. a beautiful celebration of a beautiful baby girl. love you Mary!

finally! someone let me get this party started!

great way to spend time with family, have fun and work. thanks again Rowans!


out of the fog, into the light

January 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

i woke up sunday morning, and it apparently was feeling exactly as i have been these past few, foggy weeks.

it was warm. the heat was floating above the ice on the Mystic. it drew me outside. i inhaled a bowl of cereal, threw on my rain boots and winter parka, grabbed my camera, and headed outside. across the street to walk the river. for some reason, on this particular day, i was reveling in the fog. in the quiet little blanket it was wrapping the world in. i didn’t mind that it wasn’t sunny, or that it was damp, or that i wasn’t in flip flops. and apparently, i wasn’t alone…

i think the thing i dislike most about where we live is that it’s so damn busy. and not in a good way. we live on a very very major road, filled with lots of cars and lots of honking. i despise it. and because it was sunday, because it was foggy, it felt like we were secluded. you couldn’t see beyond the veins of the trees meeting with the mist.

it was nice while it lasted. but it got me to thinking. about the new year and resolutions and manifestations (and abandoned reverb projects) and how exactly i’m going to rock 2011 out. what i came up with was: take more chances, have more confidence, use flickr more (hey, they can’t all be deep!), take on a photo project and be the best mother, daughter, wife, aunt, friend, sister, photographer i can be. out of the fog and into the light…

happy new year!


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